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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Corinne Bailey Rae

Earlier this week on the Tonight Show, hosted by Jay Leno, the British artist, Corinne Bailey Rae performed. At first I wasn't very impressed by her vocals. They seemed amateurish and I couldn't understand any of the words she sang besides, "Girl, put your records on...let your hair down." As the song progressed, her smile widened and I started getting into the song, which she ended up nailing in the end. The music was catchy, but not catchy enough for me to remember it days later. However, I did recognize her face on MSN, something I'm glad about.

When I saw the link to her MSN music page, I thought I'd give her another try. Maybe the sound on Leno was bad that night or maybe she was nervous. I found that the record wasn't too shabby. I understood the words on the recording a lot better than her live performance, and "Put Your Records On" is a pretty good, fun song.

If you like a British singer who actually sounds British and enjoy hearing a pure, girly but soulful voice, give Corinne Bailey Rae a listen.


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