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Monday, June 26, 2006

Lohan Stokes Hot Under the Collar Baller

MSN Entertainment just featured a story about Lindsay Lohan’s spat with Sean P-Puffy-Diddy-Daddy Combs. Apparently Lindsay went to the bathroom to start a fight with Paris Hilton at an exclusive Prince show at Butter, came back, and P Diddy had settled in her seat. Lohan, an actress or singer–not comedian–supposedly tried “joking” around with Diddy-Daddy about him sitting at her table. He was not amused. Sparks flew and so did Lindsay’s mouth before she flew the coop: “No one can treat me like that! I don't care if you are Puffy!” [Read the full MSN story here. June 22, 2006 article by Kat Giantis.]

I think the real question here is: Why is there a club called Butter?


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