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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy 2007!

Not much happened with me at midnight, but 2006 was an exciting year for me. I'm still working at the record label, having a GREAT time, might I add. It's nearly time for my "real life" journey to begin! I can't believe I graduate in five months time. I'll be thrust into the real world, where there are no three-month long summer vacations and breaks after every four or five months. This oughtta be good. Real good.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Beatles' Shadow Song

George Harrison. Do lang do lang do lang. He's so fine.

I had no idea GH got "caught" for subconsciously infringing on R. Mack's "He's So Fine" (perf. by the Chiffons)! Seems he accidentally copied some of the melody and the chord progression in his, "My Sweet Lord." If I had heard the two back to back without knowing, I never would have guessed---the orchestration is different and they barely sound the same to me. But there was that durned "substantially similar" reckoning by the judge, which was enough to make him lose the case and pay Klein (his former manager who bought the lawsuit!) a big chunk of money. Later, Klein was found in fiduciary breach (is that what it's called? I'm still learning!) because he bought the lawsuit from Mack since he knew what Harrison was worth. Ay yi yi!

Here are two sites if you want to read more about this mess from the past:

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Finding Love on MySpace??? Not This Time.

I apologize for my long absence. I've been working so hard at school and I'm also doing an internship with an independent music company, which is wonderful, but it leaves me virtually no time to get any blogging done! However, I have had time for a date or two. ;-)

Oh, who am I kidding? I shouldn't pretend like it was fun; it wasn't. It was one of the worst dates of my life--he talked at me, was too loud (which caused the waiter to come back at one point and ask him to lower his voice), and looked at my chest the entire time when we went out later to a bar to hear some local music. To make matters worse, he made ME pay for dinner! Now don't get me wrong--I'm all for the girl paying, or going Dutch, but when a guy invites you somewhere, he has to at the very least pay for himself. Inviting someone somewhere and then having them pay for you is just plain ballsy. Oy.

Note to self: No more MySpace dates.

In this vein, feel free to share some of your worst dates.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Knights of Cydonia

Why has no one ever told me how cool Muse is?! Shame on you for knowing and not sharing! Thanks to MySpace's Featured Music Video for letting me in on this huge secret.

Monday, July 17, 2006

My First Day Off

Like I said in an earlier post, I (finally) got a summer job! So far, it's the most fun summer job I've had! I wait on charming older men, helping them pick out clothes from our souvenir shop. They really appreciate the help we provide because as a male-only club, they cannot bring their wives in to pick out a fashionable wardrobe. It's nice to be appreciated by men for my fashion taste. I've never really been hot on fashion, but I know how to look stylish. It's fun helping these men look good during their vacation.

Other than work, I haven't been doing much other than sleeping. My whole summer sleep schedule was so out of whack that when I started my job, I was only getting about 4-5 hours of sleep per night. (Waking up at 8:30AM SUCKS!) That doesn't leave much time for Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien in my life :(. No new music for me, unfortunately. I'll have to find a good, new music Web site to bring me up to date with what I've been missing!

Monday, July 10, 2006

New Poll: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Has anyone seen it yet? Is it as good as the first one? To be honest, I can't even remember the story of the first movie. I'll have to watch it tonight. If I can make it after work, I might go tomorrow to check out the new one. Vote on the new poll!

Ashlee Simpson?

Is it just me or does Ashlee Simpson not look like herself anymore?

Must be the nose job.

Just to be fair to her, I like some of her songs.

Pictures borrowed from here and here.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

My New CafePress Store!

Well, there you have it, folks. My new CafePress t-shirt. It comes in all sizes and shapes and colors for both men and women. I just chose to show the pink one because it's just so darned purdy. There is a whole store full of t-shirts with that design on them, so go check it out! :)


This is wrong on so many levels. Whoever created this ad should be ashamed. Not only is it an awful idea for an ad to "win" a sidekick, but the artwork is terrible. Could they not afford real graphic artists and a graphics program better than MS Paint? Plus, Lindsay looks like she has a pink dinosaur on her forehead. And why is Jessica a pirate? Everyone knows Lindsay pulls hair.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Corinne Bailey Rae

Earlier this week on the Tonight Show, hosted by Jay Leno, the British artist, Corinne Bailey Rae performed. At first I wasn't very impressed by her vocals. They seemed amateurish and I couldn't understand any of the words she sang besides, "Girl, put your records on...let your hair down." As the song progressed, her smile widened and I started getting into the song, which she ended up nailing in the end. The music was catchy, but not catchy enough for me to remember it days later. However, I did recognize her face on MSN, something I'm glad about.

When I saw the link to her MSN music page, I thought I'd give her another try. Maybe the sound on Leno was bad that night or maybe she was nervous. I found that the record wasn't too shabby. I understood the words on the recording a lot better than her live performance, and "Put Your Records On" is a pretty good, fun song.

If you like a British singer who actually sounds British and enjoy hearing a pure, girly but soulful voice, give Corinne Bailey Rae a listen.

Hard-Headed Hasselhoff Causes Harm to His Arm

Poor David Hasselhoff. While shaving in a British gym, he smacked his noggin on a chandelier. His hard Hasselhead broke the glass, which came crashing down onto his arm, severing a tendon. The former Bay Watch star had to get surgery on his arm and stayed overnight in London's St. Thomas' Hospital.

He is in Great Britain doing some ads for Pipex, an Internet service provider for the United Kingdom.

To read a longer article on this event, please read MSN's TV News article, "David Hasselhoff Undergoes Surgery."

Good News -- Not from MSN, either!

Shortly after writing the complaint entry about not being able to find a job, I had a drop-in interview at a prestigious hotel and they hired me on the spot! The best part is they hired me for TEMP work and if I do well, I'll be invited back during the year to do other temp work. (They host big events during the year, the most of which occur during the summer.) This is so exciting for me!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Saturday Beach Fun

I had a really great weekend! My best friend called me Saturday afternoon asking me what I was doing. Since we live so far from each other, I knew something was up.

"I've got a full tank of gas and I want to come visit you!"

Those were the best words I could have heard at the time. (It was a pretty boring Saturday before she called--I hadn't even gotten dressed!) Recently she has had to move out of her current apartment and into a new one in another nearby city. Because of this, she rented a mini van to move her stuff into her new apartment. Telling me she'd be at my house in two hours, she didn't leave me much time to take a shower, get dressed, and clean my disastrous room, but I got to work and even had time to clean the bathroom! By the time she arrived, my room was convincingly clean (though I told her not to even think about opening my closet lol.)

It was about 6PM before we headed to the beach. It's kind of funny because living in San Francisco, you'd think she'd visit the beach often, but not her. I guess she works too hard to actually get her bum over there. In her rented mini van, we blasted her CDs as two cool chicks in a silver mini van should. Turns out the beach we went to was a beach she visited as a child. I swear this girl is part mermaid! I don't know how she does it, but no matter what kind of weather, she will ALWAYS get her toes wet. This time, she even went wading. (It was too cold and overcast for me to even dare look at the water. )

While she was off wading, I wandered off to a hill completely covered in greenery. It was beautiful. (The picture at the top of the entry is one I found on the Internet--the beach I went to was more secluded and less bare. It was a cove.) I made friends with a banana slug and crawled into a bushy area with a waterfall. I'm definitely coming back later in the summer when it warms up a little. It would be a perfect spot to go swimming.

When more people began gathering at the beach, we decided to leave and visit some other nearby beaches. My gal pal wanted to take me out to dinner after our beachcapades, but instead of dinner at an Indian restaurant, we ended up getting dinner at a burrito place at 10 PM--right before it closed. Somehow we had gotten terribly lost, driving eightteen miles in the wrong direction. It was pretty damned fun, though, because it was just us and our rented silver mini van on the open road. Oh yeah, and the blasting "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" CD.

Although we had gotten completely turned around and lost, we somehow found our way back to my house without looking at a map or asking for directions...with the exception of stopping at a "meats" store (like a 7-Eleven, but...meatier?). But that doesn't count, 'cause the guy giving us directions was a bit loony and mixed up. He knew the restaurant my friend wanted to go to and she asked if it would take less than half an hour to get there.

"Yes. It's less than half an hour--only 35 minutes," he said with his thick accent. That made me and his clerk friend start laughing. They were sweet guys for helping. But like I said, female intuition brought us home.

'Twas a wonderful weekend.

photo © Dennis Murczak for CC:PublicDomain

Lohan Stokes Hot Under the Collar Baller

MSN Entertainment just featured a story about Lindsay Lohan’s spat with Sean P-Puffy-Diddy-Daddy Combs. Apparently Lindsay went to the bathroom to start a fight with Paris Hilton at an exclusive Prince show at Butter, came back, and P Diddy had settled in her seat. Lohan, an actress or singer–not comedian–supposedly tried “joking” around with Diddy-Daddy about him sitting at her table. He was not amused. Sparks flew and so did Lindsay’s mouth before she flew the coop: “No one can treat me like that! I don't care if you are Puffy!” [Read the full MSN story here. June 22, 2006 article by Kat Giantis.]

I think the real question here is: Why is there a club called Butter?

Sunday, June 25, 2006

How's a person supposed to get a job around here?!

May is when it started. It, being my job search, hunt, obsession. I've become a stalker of jobs. Almost hourly, I rip apart the daily newspaper, rabidly search on craigslist, and anywhere else there might be a job posting, hoping and praying I overlooked a job for which I am qualified. Being a professional [Aside: Does 'professional' imply getting paid cash for your work? NO!--I am receiving a degree for all my hard work. Though, if you think the word 'professional' implies cold, hard cash, I have gotten multiple scholarships for my work, thank you very much. Studying does pay off. (This aside was for my benefit more than anything.)] student for most of my life, I haven't had much experience doing much of anything. Sure I've had some jobs, but none of the normal jobs that everyone has once and hates. (Like working in retail or at a fast food place.) This means I'm not qualified to do those types of things over the summer. Even for the jobs that require no experience, some snotty 16 year old who will devote future time to the Gap has a better chance at getting that job than I. I'm constantly moving from home to school from school back home. Employers hate that. Or maybe they just hate me.

Earlier this month, I got turned down for a dishwashing job at a local restaurant, completely lying about the length of time I'm available. "As long as you need me, sir." Still, nothing. I'm about at the last straw with this whole job obsession, but I'm going to go repeat the entire process over and over again until I am employed. Out comes the red marker and the newspaper.

Oh, God. I'm already foaming at the mouth.