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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Photographer Fails in Lame Attempt At Picture of Baby Jolie

According to this MSN Entertainment article, a twenty-five year old man hid in the bushes outside a daycare facility, waiting to take a picture of Angelina Jolie's four year old adopted son, Maddox. The man was put under citizen's arrest (by the owner) and was released on bail set at $1000.

Isn't there some law (perhaps involving copyright) stating no persons under the age of 18 can have pictures like this taken of them for publishing purposes? Not that the paparazzi have ever had much respect for the law, or privacy for that matter, but why would they risk publishing such a "lawsuitable" photo? The greenery in the corners of the photo would probably tip police off that it was a hidden camera taking the picture when it's printed in the tabloids. (Unless, of course, they crop the picture, which takes some smarts, which this doofus of a discovered-bush-dweller doesn't seem to have.)

It's amazing that people like that 25-year-old get off on a meager $1000 bail. How do authorities know that he wasn't some creep taking pictures of little kids and it just so happened that he picked Maddox' daycare by accident? Where's that part of the news, MSN?

And not-so-related, the article mentions Angelina Jolie is only 31. Really?


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