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Monday, June 26, 2006

Saturday Beach Fun

I had a really great weekend! My best friend called me Saturday afternoon asking me what I was doing. Since we live so far from each other, I knew something was up.

"I've got a full tank of gas and I want to come visit you!"

Those were the best words I could have heard at the time. (It was a pretty boring Saturday before she called--I hadn't even gotten dressed!) Recently she has had to move out of her current apartment and into a new one in another nearby city. Because of this, she rented a mini van to move her stuff into her new apartment. Telling me she'd be at my house in two hours, she didn't leave me much time to take a shower, get dressed, and clean my disastrous room, but I got to work and even had time to clean the bathroom! By the time she arrived, my room was convincingly clean (though I told her not to even think about opening my closet lol.)

It was about 6PM before we headed to the beach. It's kind of funny because living in San Francisco, you'd think she'd visit the beach often, but not her. I guess she works too hard to actually get her bum over there. In her rented mini van, we blasted her CDs as two cool chicks in a silver mini van should. Turns out the beach we went to was a beach she visited as a child. I swear this girl is part mermaid! I don't know how she does it, but no matter what kind of weather, she will ALWAYS get her toes wet. This time, she even went wading. (It was too cold and overcast for me to even dare look at the water. )

While she was off wading, I wandered off to a hill completely covered in greenery. It was beautiful. (The picture at the top of the entry is one I found on the Internet--the beach I went to was more secluded and less bare. It was a cove.) I made friends with a banana slug and crawled into a bushy area with a waterfall. I'm definitely coming back later in the summer when it warms up a little. It would be a perfect spot to go swimming.

When more people began gathering at the beach, we decided to leave and visit some other nearby beaches. My gal pal wanted to take me out to dinner after our beachcapades, but instead of dinner at an Indian restaurant, we ended up getting dinner at a burrito place at 10 PM--right before it closed. Somehow we had gotten terribly lost, driving eightteen miles in the wrong direction. It was pretty damned fun, though, because it was just us and our rented silver mini van on the open road. Oh yeah, and the blasting "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" CD.

Although we had gotten completely turned around and lost, we somehow found our way back to my house without looking at a map or asking for directions...with the exception of stopping at a "meats" store (like a 7-Eleven, but...meatier?). But that doesn't count, 'cause the guy giving us directions was a bit loony and mixed up. He knew the restaurant my friend wanted to go to and she asked if it would take less than half an hour to get there.

"Yes. It's less than half an hour--only 35 minutes," he said with his thick accent. That made me and his clerk friend start laughing. They were sweet guys for helping. But like I said, female intuition brought us home.

'Twas a wonderful weekend.

photo © Dennis Murczak for CC:PublicDomain


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